Monday, 16 March 2015


Do you ever have those moments in life where a sudden wave of euphoria fills your entire being? Where an unexpected feeling makes you feel at peace for no apparent reason and the world makes sense for awhile? A feeling that is physically impossible to grasp and difficult to sum up into a matter of words but when you feel it, all you want to do is smile, be still and wallow in that calm and enchanting warmth, which consumes your whole, entire body... That right there is living in the present moment and that is true happiness.

I have experienced those moments spontaneously since I can remember but it wasn't until I got older that I realised what those moments were or what they actually meant. I never fully understood what 'living in the present' was or how to even live presently but growing up helped me to understand and once I fully understood, I also started to see and grasp what the meaning of life really is.

Living in the present doesn't come naturally to us anymore, as we are raised in a society that is fuelled by time, routine and excessive thinking. We are either living in the past or focusing on the future but are rarely experiencing the 'right now'. We're too busy questioning life, rather than living it. Nine-to-five jobs and habitually living in the past and future is filling us with regret, anxiety and depression. Its difficult to break away from our minds, even for a split second because that's all we are taught in this generation.

Happiness is hard to acknowledge and grasp when we live in a world driven by hypocrites and materialistic ideologies. From the moment we take our first breath and open our eyes to the world for the very first time, we are taught to obey rules and worship fake, shiny shit. We are taught to be afraid of life and each other, that having copious amounts of money is the 'right way to live' and the key to success, and if that's not your goal in life then you're doing it 'wrong'.

We are told that our body size and looks are more important that our own happiness. We are influenced in so many unhealthy ways, including what we should and should not think and I just feel like saying, "Oh fuck off." Ask yourself this; when you were in school, was there a lesson that taught you how to be happy or how to find happiness? Were you taught what the meaning of life was? Were you taught how to accept and deal with common disorders such as anxiety and depression? No. Instead, we are just taught a load of outdated bullshit that has no real meaning, stuff that does not benefit our mind and soul or helps us to progress in a healthy and meaningful way.

Life is not just about living but living in that present moment. It's about doing whatever you can to find your own, individual happiness and then recognising that happiness when it's right there within you. Happiness is not a feeling that you need to describe. You don't need to ask questions or try and come up with some logical conclusion on why you feel that way... You just do. Feel it. Enjoy it. Embrace it.

Let go of your ignorance and fears and learn to appreciate and acknowledge those present moments right now before they slip away. Your path to happiness starts here, right now.

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