Thursday, 16 April 2015


Today we visited Claude Monet's Garden in Giverny, something I've always wanted to do since I can remember. After checking out of our room at 10:00am, I was extremely happy that we were leaving Saint-Marcel, even if the thought of returning here again later to collect our backpacks kept playing on my mind.

We decided to make the most of our daily budget and walk the whole way there, which by the way, took almost two hours. We stopped off at Lidl on the way and filled our day-packs with olives, baguettes, tomatoes, cheese, crisps and Serrano ham.

As we walked from Vernon to Giverny (twenty or so yards apart from each other, my voice irritating Jack because I wanted to sing out loud for the duration of the journey), the scenery the whole way there was just beautiful and I wished that Coventry could be like this.

Walking through the village of Giverny was absolutely wonderful, full of pastels and personality, almost fairy-tale-like however, the closer we got to Monet's Garden, the more touristy it got. As swarms of school kids and packs of visitors walked in the opposite direction, we had been blessed with the luck of arriving at the gardens at the right time.

As I stepped foot into the garden, I was completely thrown back by how beautiful it was and realised that my expectations based from the internet did not do this place any justice. Fields of colour and life paved our way, as we wondered into the botanical brilliance. There were so many different types of flowers bunched together; daisies, tulips, snowdrops, daffodils, primrose, peonies and as the sun shone over this timeless fairy-tale, the garden became alive.

As we finished our picnic, we came across the water pond. Standing over the water, watching the waterlilies float by, you could really feel and see how Monet got his inspiration and why he had such a passion for landscape.

After too much sun and listening to crazy frogs, we took a tour of Monet's house. The decor of the house was just lovely, I really wanted to live there! I was amazed to find a room full of Monet's original paintings, as I half-expected them to be hanging in some kind of famous museum somewhere else. Staring at his classic artwork brought me back to art class in my school days and I remembered how fascinated I was by this guy.

I left Monet's Garden with inspiration, adventure and a new outlook on nature and after a long and hot day, we thought, 'fuck walking back, let's get a taxi.' My new outlook on nature was short lived.

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