Saturday 18 April 2015


Today we went to Colmar, a little town in the Alsace region. The train journey there was quite enjoyable, as we met an American guy called Nick, who was 21 years old, from Boston and was travelling around Europe on a two week break from University. Nick was cool, we shared similar opinions and views on life and the conversation was pretty inspiring. It's so crazy how you meet various people when you travel and although we come from different sides of the world, we really are all the same.

When we first arrived in Colmar (at about 3:00pm), I didn't really get a good vibe of the place and neither did Jack. I don't know why, I guess it was because we couldn't check-in into our room until 8pm so that meant having to carry round our backpacks all day, which wasn't very enjoyable. Although, the town was very pretty and the weather was warm, there was some kind of Easter festival going on, so the streets were really busy and it was difficult to barge through the crowds, which made us both think, 'ah fuck this.' We got on the next train out, which took us to a place called Mullhouse.

After walking around for ages and trying to figure out where to go next, we both decided it was too much hassle and as we had already paid for accommodation in Colmar, we just jumped on the next train back haha! By the time we got back there it was 7:00pm, the streets were quieter, the weather was cooler and as quickly as that, our opinion on Colmar had changed!

We went for a drink and had some food, I tried a dish called Alsacienne, which is a delicacy in Colmar and it was amazing. A hot, clay dish full of potatoes, cream, mushrooms, onions, bacon and melted cheese all mixed together... So many carbs yet so perfect.

We stayed with a lady called Rosianne, an Optician who was living in Colmar but was originally from Strasbourg. She was pretty cool and was also a traveller like us. Rosianne went out for the night so we had the apartment to ourselves and after a really shitty waste of a day, it was just what we needed!

We woke up early to make the most of Colmar before we had to catch our next train out of here. Colmar is pretty beautiful, we walked along the canal 'Petit Venezia', which is French for 'Little Venice' and to be fair, I was pretty gutted that I didn't get to see it yesterday but I guess that was my own fault for judging the place to quickly and forgetting that I'm not on holiday and that sometimes Daniela, travellers have to carry their backpacks for longer than half an hour!

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