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The Greek Island Syros - *not my photo, taken from Adobe Stock*
Calm and laid-back, Syros is a hidden Greek gem in the Aegean Sea. Part of the Cyclades, it is known to be the island that houses Ermoupoli and Ano Syros, two famous cities in this archipelago. Not a major tourist destination, its charm remains overshadowed by the magnanimous aura of the mainland however, this island has the potential to surprise visitors with its true Greek lifestyle. For those who are planning a trip to Greece this year and are wondering what alternative things they could do, consider Syros as your next Greek adventure. Have a read below as to why it should be on your travel wish list...

One of the many beaches in Syros - *not my photo, tahen from Syrostoday*
The Beaches 
Undoubtedly the most persuasive facet of the island is its shoreline. With parts of it being completely concrete and with hotels and homes almost touching the waters, you can always find small hidden havens, which are tucked away from the city. A remarkable union of white sand and azure waters can be witnessed here, as you laze around and enjoy the laid-back but mesmerising atmosphere.

Embrace yourself in the bedazzling history of Syros - *not my photo, taken from Syroshotels*
History, Art and Culture
Whether it be the famous Apollo Theatre, the Agios Georgios Cathedral, or the Industrial Museum, Syros has many sites which are an absolute delight. The marble and limestone artwork, the posh, archaic cathedrals and the traditional artists performing is only a glimpse of what all this island has to offer. Another must-see is that of Ano Syros. Boasting of bright, vibrant houses, the labyrinth cobblestone corridors, and the street cafes that open early in the morning, filling the streets with the warm aroma of breakfast, it's pride lies in the cathedral that is set atop the steep hill.

Seafood by the Sea in Syros - *Not my photo, taken from*
The Food
Seafood is the obvious choice of Syros, what with it being surrounded by the best of marine life. And apart from the fresh seafood, Turkish delight is what people love to indulge in here. Known as 'Loukoumia' in Greek, these chewy rich sweets are mouth-watering, and somewhat compelling. Dishes like Moussaka, Saganaki, Gyros and Souvlaki are a must try for all.

The prehistoric settlement of Kastri - *not my photo, taken from*
The Hidden Beauties
Grammata and the Grey Cave; dating back to the Roman and Byzantine times, these caves showcase the hope and love that sailors who were washed over to the island had. Short poems and letters written on the walls of the cave are kept intact as a remembrance. Chalandriani and Kastri; Travel back to the prehistoric times, with these settlements that date back to 3rd millennium BC, and Early 2nd Cycladic period. 600 tombs, a citadel and ceramic stone and metal ruins are a wonder.

Help to improve the life of cats in Syros - *Not my photo, taken from Syroscats*
Not so hidden but infinitely beautiful, the cats of Greece are sensational. Lazing on the doorsteps or in the sun, you will find most of them posing elegantly for a few clicks.

So in conclusion, Syros is that picture of Greece that gives you the true essence of the land. With the multiple dimensions that this tiny island flaunts, your vacation here will check one thing off your bucket list. Use an online trip planner to make your holiday seamless and fun!

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