Wednesday 18 February 2015


When the world is starting to wake up and the inside of my house is completely still, a calm and tranquil feeling pervades my body and leaves me with peace of mind. Something about the morning sun makes me feel grateful and tells me that I'm going to have a good, positive day. I live in a very basic city so the view from my bedroom window isn't exactly picturesque but it's amazing what you can do with a good zoom lens and a shutter button.

I'm not one of those people who naturally has an 'eye' for things in photography, I usually just 'point and click' but lately, I've started to see beauty in things I hadn't noticed before. There is just something really magical about nature and I enjoy trying to capture all of those many colours and details within that frame, which really make the image feel alive, like it did at the present moment.

I may live in a characterless city but even so, there is still beauty to be found, you just have to look a bit harder. My photography may not be perfect and that's cool because it's not why I take pictures. I take them because when I like the way something looks or makes me feel, I want to capture that moment forever and then share it with the world, so you can see what I am seeing today.

"In the darkness, she listened to the silence. She wallowed in the beautiful nothing it made." - A. Lynn

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