Monday 16 March 2015


Do you ever have those moments in life when suddenly, a foreign but familiar feeling consumes your entire body, filling you with peace and an abundance of love, like a euphoric wave flowing through every part of your soul? A reaction that is physically impossible to grasp and sum up into a matter of words yet when you feel it you naturally, smile? Then you close your eyes and you are still. You begin to wallow in that calm and enchanting warmth that flows within you and outside of you like a bright, fluorescent light. That right there is living in the present moment and that right there, is true existence. Pure, raw & utter bliss.

I have experienced those moments sporadically since I can remember but it wasn't until I reached my twenties that I realised what those moments actually were/are. I never fully understood what 'living in the present' was but growing internally and learning who I really was helped me to understand, and once I consciously understood what it was to be aware or 'awake', I began to see and grasp what true existence really is. And it really is beautiful.

However, living in the present doesn't come naturally to humans anymore, as we are raised in a society that is fuelled by time, routine, excessive thinking and materialistic ideologies. As if a 'busy way of being' is embedded within our DNA. We are either living in the past or focusing solely on the future, and we are rarely experiencing the 'right now'. We are too busy questioning life, rather than living it. Nine-to-five jobs and dwelling on 'what has been' or 'what is yet to come' is heavily filling us with regret, anxiety and depression. Thoughts and overthinking can be detrimental and menacing to our health, heart and mind. We are taught to 'keep busy' or to just 'get on with it.' Or to always 'be positive' and 'pull it together'. When really, we should be taught how to acknowledge and accept our feelings. To sit with them, feel them and finally, let them go. By repressing and ignoring our true nature is making our soul sick, our mind sick and our body sick.

We are conditioned to believe than our body size and our appearance is more important that our own happiness and self-worth. We are told that the way we look on the outside is how we should be defined. We are governed to worship fake, shiny s**t, taught to be afraid of life and each other and that the key to success is having copious amounts of money, and if that's not your goal then 'you're doing it wrong'. But ask yourself this... When you were in school, was there a lesson that taught you how to be 'whole' or how to find your own path to happiness? Were you taught what the meaning of living actually was? Were you taught how to accept and understand your emotions or the importance of facing mental health problems such as anxiety and depression? No. You have to figure it all out for yourself, and that's ok. Maybe that's the biggest challenge that we will face as humans. In order to grow, to truly love and to be fully satisfied, we must find our own way. We must learn to love who we truly are and accept every single piece of ourselves, whole-heartedly. To not only tame our demons but to also accept them and love them. When we face our darkness, we will find our light.

Life however, isn't just about living in the present moment but also living authentically. Taking our time to grow, learning to listen to your individual soul and to be guided by your true self. It's about doing whatever you can or need to find your own, individual happiness and then recognising that feeling when it is right there within you. Appreciating every victory and most importantly, every failure. Because making mistakes is what makes us blossom and what leads to true success. You try and you fall. Then you pick yourself back up and you try again. But take your time.

So when that beautiful feeling enters your heart, accept it. Don't run from it. Feel it. Embrace it. Share it. Learn to accept all over your emotions. Learn to let go of your fears and insecurities and begin to appreciate who you are, every inch of you. And most importantly, be aware of those present moments before they slip away. Your path to happiness starts here, right now.

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